Casting Crowns – JUST ANOTHER BIRTHDAY: 2nd Major Music Video Release of the week for CCM! 
Casting Crowns – JUST ANOTHER BIRTHDAY: 2nd Major Music Video Release of the week for CCM!

This is one incredible week for the Center for Creative Media!!

Yet another one of the music videos we have produced for a major artist has been released!  This time it’s  Casting Crowns JUST ANOTHER BIRTHDAY!!

As the Dad of 3 Daughters, I have to say I choked up from the first moment I heard this song.  It was just so powerful.

So when the opportunity to produce this video for Casting Crowns came up… I really wanted to do the song justice.


This past fall Casting Crowns hit the road for a 40 city tour to support their latest album “Come to the Well.”   Crowns lead singer, Mark Hall, and I met a few years ago when they played at one of our stadium events in San Francisco.  The Center for Creative Media had produced a video to their hit song “Does Anybody Hear Her?” And, while the video wasn’t made officially for the band, Hall really liked what we made.  So much so, he made arrangements to play the video during THEIR tour that year.  It was the beginning of a relationship between the Center for Creative Media and Casting Crowns that continues.


Mark has strongly supported our studios and the young film makers we are developing.  In fact these are his thoughts on CCM:

19 Videos to GO!

This past summer CCM partnered on a monumental effort for Casting Crowns. As the band prepared for it’s fall tour we agreed to create all of the on-screen media that would be used during their sets!! In the end we’ve made 19 different videos they’ve been using on the road. All original from the ground floor up!!

One of those videos is the JUST ANOTHER BIRTHDAY VIDEO.

The Video for Birthday is Born

The concept was to tell the haunting story painted by Hall’s lyrics… On-Screen. I felt that the song Hall crafted was so strong and compelling that our job was to bring it to life and hopefully make its message even more compelling (if that was possible).

At that point I turned to Producer-Editor Brandon Eckhardt, and asked him to turn this concept into reality. (I’ll post some Behind the Scenes stories about the making of this video in my next post about Just Another Birthday) Truth be told I couldn’t be happier with what our team produced. I have this gauge I’ve learned to trust over the years as a producer/director: If the video still moves me when I watch it after viewing it dozens or hundreds of times… it’s probably hitting the mark.

The True Test

My internal gut check was validated by those that really matter… the audience! Originally this video was only going to play during Casting Crown’s concerts. But from what I understand, the video (played while they perform the song) has struck a major chord with concert-goers. So much so the band and record label decided to make the video an official mainstream Music Video release! And, this week was release week!!

In the end, We are honored and blessed to be part of this message presented by Casting Crowns.

Fathers count your blessings! Your daughters are amazing gifts to be appreciated and loved.

Well.. enough of my words. I’ll let Mark Hall have the final say:

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  1. jennifer Says:

    hi my name is jennifer my 16th birthday is in agust im so norvous for the fact that i am going to envite my dad i havnt spent a full day with him sv=cence i was 8 months old i want to play this for him i can already sing it but i need the guitar tabs or chords either one i just caint seem to find them anywhere please if anyone knows them or has any infromation you can conatc me in my emil or home adress 1512 south kanawah street beckley westvirginia 25801 thanks jennifer

  2. Bruce Says:


    My daughter and I just met you at ATF, Amherst, MA before Shonlock. I love what you (and Mark) are doing and sharing, “Fathers count your blessings! Your daughters are amazing gifts to be appreciated and loved.” I have a passion to even get pre-teens to be developing Christian media in Boston. Because of my dad’s mentoring, I became a pro audio consultant as a teenager and was designing loudspeaker systems with the help of Ken Forsyth (Easter Acoustic Works) and Peter Snell (Snell Acoustics) and developing recording studios and producing and engineering Christian albums, etc. Later I went on to be a robotics engineer and manager in the semiconductor and computer industries. Now, I am working with students at Harvard to build a prayer ministry and I have been given a special calling and abilities by the Holy Spirit to witness to atheist students. I am also working to develop a child equipping center to develop the talents of children to be powerful influencers of Harvard University and other local colleges and high schools.

    Kids do not need to be wasting their high school years aimlessly hanging around…

    Malachi 4:6 “He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children,and the hearts of the children to their fathers; or else I will come and strike the land with a curse.”

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