Newsboys – GOD’S NOT DEAD: CCM Music Video Release!! (Behind the Scenes Pt. 1) 
Newsboys – GOD’S NOT DEAD:  CCM Music Video Release!! (Behind the Scenes Pt. 1)

CCM’s in an amazing season right now!!

Just this week a music video we’ve produced (done 100% by CCM’ers) for the NEWSBOYS has been released!!!  The song is GOD’S NOT DEAD… from their latest Album of the same name.  Check it out right here!


Let’s start by stating the obvious:  THIS is an outstanding song!!  The minute I heard the song I was hooked.  I had heard other versions (from David Crowder & IHOP, etc…) but, I immediately thought the Newsboys nailed it.  Besides… hearing KMax in the mix was totally unexpected and really cool!  Also… the opportunity to share various thoughts (presented as headlines) debating God’s existence presented an uber attractive chance to combine song, performance, message & evangelism all at one time!


The green light to go into production on this music video came just under a week before we had to shoot!!  It’s all good…. It’s what we do!


The video was produced in a total of approx 5 weeks.   5 weeks that included a road trip, a snow storm, 1000’s of fans, and a pastor with amazing insight!


The bulk of the video was shot in Denver.  Our team took a road trip from our studios outside of the Dallas area… shoring up plans for the shoot while making their way down the highway.  (The plan was to shoot for 2 days… culminating in a live performance at the first night of Winter Jam @ Denver University)  Multiple locations were lined up:  Exteriors in Downtown Denver, Scenic over-looks looking down on the city, and beautiful locales in the Rocky Mountains.  Everything was really coming together.  But then… we hit a snag:  a Snowstorm was due to blanket Denver!!  Unless we wanted the equipment and the NEWSBOYS to freeze out… we needed to shift gears.

So, less than 24 hours before we were scheduled to roll… it was time for Plan B!

I was making my way to the shoot from another part of the country never getting off of the cell phone… collaborating with our Preditor (Producer-Editor) & Co-Director: Brandon Eckhardt [He was originally from Denver… and went ahead of the team to get things put together for the shoot], coordinating the team driving to Denver, and giving direction to the CCM Production team back at our studios.  The goal… put together a new concept and book all new locations to keep the shoot out of the snow!!

Keep in mind:  the Center for Creative Media is a Studio that produces everything from Music Videos to Short Films to Live Events to Television Series.  At the same time CCM is a environment where young film makers come to learn and improve their craft.  SO… this was an opportunity to FLEX and LEARN to the max!!

While this 11th hour maneuvering was going on we were trying to book about 90 extras that would be needed, find a printer to make newspapers overnight (a prop we desperately needed), and coordinate all the gear we needed to add while we were in Denver.

Next Post:  How this all came together (Yes… it took some divine intervention!!!)

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