Live Broadcast from Canada 
Live Broadcast from Canada

Big week for our team.

We’re doing 15 hours of live broadcast from Hamilton, Ontario… between Fri & Sat.

Almost all of the CCM Team will be on site as part of a 65 person broadcast crew.

Things are already getting started.

Check out what things look like today.

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  1. Despite it’s awfulreputation, the majority who try Final Cut Pro X may possibly end up enjoying it!

  2. Billy Says:

    Many people in church today are very
    carnal and only want blessings. Bible
    says Repent or perish! If you say you
    love Jesus then don’t follow the Bible
    you are a liar and there is no Truth
    in you! Bible says drunkards go to
    hell and Ephesians 5:18 says don’t
    get drunk with wine yet people in the
    church get drunk ilke it’s no big deal.
    Hatred is a sin and if you have a sharp
    tongue your religion is worthless yet
    we have whole nation of haters who don’t
    bridle their sharp/mean spirited tongue
    and yet claim to be saved. Someone needs
    to start preaching the real Jesus!People
    today seem to forget that Jesus said
    many will say to Me Lord,Lord and not
    enter heaven!


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