I’m sitting in the Mullin’s Center this morning at UMass.

I really enjoy this venue and this event.

It means FALL and it means the start of the tour.

This year… we’re going to subject the audience to 5… count ’em 5 video screens. (Yes it does feel a little like Spinal Tap: “… but these go up to 11!!”

You know the old saying: Less is More

Uh-uh… it’s now officially: More is More!!!

That said… we are building something for the Saturday night portion of our event that I’m praying will be amazing and memorable.

On the final night of the event we will be taking the audience on a visceral experience of Jesus’ final moments. We have created… based on a script written by Chad Arnold… a 5-Screen multimedia version of the crucifixion and the moments leading up to it.

Our graphics guru, Greg Williams, has designed this 30 min multi-screen “movie” in After Effects using original sketches, live action, and graphic design. And… it’s been crafted to an audio bed that was mixed prior to one visual frame being created.

In about 5 hours… we get to run the presentation in the arena… with actors (yes, there is a live drama part of the presentation as well) for the very first time. I’m pretty excited about it!

We’ve all seen many a “passion” or “Easter presentation” at church over the years. Many of them are well intentioned and do present the story. But, rarely are these videos or dramatic presentations memorable.

It is my prayer that what our team has built will transcend the informational and enter the realm of the experiential… in a deeply searing way.

The Garden of Gesthemene, Golgotha, Pilot’s court, the Tomb… all appear across the 5-Screens in larger than life fashion with music, SFX, and actors who have given performances that have effected me even in their raw untreated form.

The audience tallies it’s vote this Saturday.

For my part… it’s been in the backroom long enough… I can’t to see what all of you think.

Thanks to all of the team who are pouring it out to make this unique presentation come to life!

See you on the road…

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  1. Caleb Says:

    Take some pictures for us and post them!


  2. Doug Rittenhouse Says:

    Coming up my friend!! This evening.
    Stay Tuned


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