Some people punch a time clock.
Some people live according to a regimented daily calendar.

I knew a long time ago… that WASN’T going to be me.

I am PROJECT driven.

The program goes on the air tomorrow night at 9pm.
The story hits at 11:07p
We’re LIVE in 5 mins.
The Film must be ready for duplication tomorrow.

I really thrive in a project driven lifestyle.

Twists. Turns. Surprises. Flexibility.
No day is ever the same.

This next week… there WILL be the launch of our new nation-wide tour.
Lot’s of things we can’t see right now will take place.
New challenges will emerge every day.
It will be a thrill (or a chill) but it will not be boring. I can tell you that for sure.
When the doors open… the event WILL begin.

And… I really like working with the team who is putting this all together.
Collaborating with Chad Arnold always results in good things… Sam Hasz and the ATF Team (including friend Rex Albers) are pouring in their all… and the CCM Team has been in high-gear for weeks and weeks. (Everyone is doing a great job… Special shout outs though to: Beth Powell, Andrew Hummel, Bertha Vera [girl… you are coming into your own!!!], Simon Stutts, Greg Williams, AARON VANDENBROUCKE!, Jason White, Eric Mackintosh, Jared Haskell, Kirk Fletcher, Michael Gallardo, Brandon Eckhardt, Katherine Haller [your fingerprints are all over this event!], Liz Saffold, Emily Kelly, Nicole McKeen, Selah Starhsen, Alex Haynes, Nathan Hammer, Tom Duval, Idalia Saravia, Camille Cole, Jonathan Villanueva, Adam Overfelt, Ari Burt, Cody Greely, Gwen Vehlow [scary voice!], Ben Figuerido, Randy Lilly, Sam Lathrop, Kel, Alex Persels, Tabby Russell, Alex Clark [Behind the scenes “do all things” man!]… and casting, wardrobe workhorse: Caitlin Holt. [Apologies to anyone not named here… full credits to roll at another time. Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you]

The process, community, team-work effort in a unified effort to tell great stories that honor the living God is an amazing experience!

Keep it up team!!

It’s almost time for EVERYONE to see what we’ve been working on for the past several months!!

Project (if you call launching a major tour a “project”) Driven Life beats 9-5 Life any day of the week!!!

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