Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-03-22 
Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-03-22
  • RT @MichaelHyatt: Digg founder confirms Copy/Paste in iPhone 3.0 firmware: YESSSSSSSS! #
  • Planning for worldwide LIVE TV in NYC in April. We will have a crew of 65-75 broadcasting from the Izod Ctr. #
  • We run AVID & FINAL CUT @CCM studios. Looking @EDIT SHARE as a possible new media mgmt/server option. Anyone have experience w/EDIT SHARE? #
  • Big day tomorrow… time to check out for the night! #
  • UP and dreaming. Lot’s of big plans… big prayers… and opportunities. A great week ahead! #
  • Going over concepts for new Promos #
  • Great sleep last nght! Off and running for the day… #
  • Amazing look in2 the Music/Concert Business. @trent_reznor exposes how bands scalp their own tickets 4 huge profit #
  • Scriptwriting Seminar – Day 2… CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT!!! #
  • Riding home in the ‘stang tonight was awesome. Warm weather all the way. #
  • Up…. reading the trades #
  • On to production notes & writing: #
  • Getting into some Law & Order before calling it a night. #
  • Coffee & Reading #
  • RT @jamiegangel: getting ready 2 go on 2day Show at 7 45am this morning w/ @davidgregory 4 R piece teaching me 2 twttr pls watch RT #
  • RT @estesc: Time will either build your faith or tear it down…the choice is yours #
  • GREAT Scripting Seminar in CCM that past few days! It was amazing what my good friend was able to share in few days. #
  • Seth Godin has a great post this morning on starting a business and splitting the equity in it. #
  • Music DOWNLOADS win! Virgin to close ALL of it’s music stores. #
  • RT @jamiegangel: @alroker1 update twitter on today delayed until 8 15am due to breaking news death of natasha richardson #
  • RT @BenFigueiredo: 2 Jalapeno pigs and an eclair from donut palace = delicious. Time with God = crazy delicious (HA HA HA! Awesome!) #
  • Headed out to pack for a tour stop in Canjun Country.. Baton Rouge!! #
  • On the road to Baton Rouge! #
  • Now entering Louisiana #
  • In the middle of the Bayou #
  • I’m pretty Lousiana is it’s own country. Really no other place like it. #
  • RT @anthonycoppedge: Cnet & Nielsen media research find Twitter grew 1,382% from Feb 2008 – Feb 2009. #
  • “Now, what I done did…” was arrive in Baton Rouge! #
  • Tour LIVE – Baton Rouge: About to get underway! #
  • Tour LIVE – Baton Rouge: Phil Joel bringing it LOUD! #
  • Sat AM in Baton Rouge… It’s going to be a great day! #
  • I miss my son… The Drill Sergeant #
  • Been a great morning at the venue. Time to hunt down to cajun lunch… #
  • The “hunt” resulted in: Crawfish Etoufee over Catfish & Dirty Rice!!! Awesome!! (Sorry… no possum) #
  • Just saw former American Idol contestant @ChrisSligh live…. Impressive. Guy’s got pipes for sure. Rocked the crowd in BR. #
  • Great night in Baton Rouge coming to a close. In fact, it’s been a great weekend in the country of Louisiana! #
  • After his set today, met with @ChrisSligh and his band! What a great guy with a great voice and great vision!! #
  • Well, that’s a wrap! Time to call it night. Great event this weekend. #
  • Sunday morning on the road. I’m moving along about 20% of normal speed. #
  • Driving back to TX while listening to Lifechurch.TV via internet data card. #
  • Driving off the beaten path in Louisiana, found this: Drive-thru Daiquiris! Uh, say what? #
  • Driving off the beaten path in Louisiana, found this: Drive-thru Daiquiris! Uh, say what? #
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