Overnight Success 
Overnight Success

New film makers have just descended on CCM (The Center for Creative Media).

They have big dreams and huge vision.

It’s exciting and inspirational to look into their eyes… the horizon is large and the possibilities loom larger.

For them, the next 2 years are going to be jam-packed with experience, learning, and discovered skills.

But… right now 2 years probably looks like an eternity.
In reality… the time will go by like a BLINK.

It’s funny how we see things… based on our perceptions.

For instance… the concept of the OVERNIGHT SUCCESS.
Rarely are those successes anything close to OVERNIGHT.

OVERNIGHT is a designation usually bestowed on someone by the press.
The media has never heard of them, and they seem to come out of nowhere.
When the truth is most OVERNIGHT SUCCESSES are the product of many years of training, practice and hard work.

The challenge is though… everyone wants OVERNIGHT SUCCESS.
Who wouldn’t embrace being an instant hit?
The problem is there are very few instant hits.

Compare the odds of becoming an instant hit with buying lottery tickets.
Millions of lottery tickets are sold while only 1 or 2 tickets wind up being the BIG WINNER. Not much skill involved here though right?? It’s all a gamble.

Making it in the film/television biz isn’t so much of a gamble as it is an exercise in talent and perseverance. But that doesn’t change the odds of becoming the HUGE HIT. It just puts you a little bit more in control. Don’t miss the point: While not a gamble… becoming the HUGE HIT is a long shot.

It CAN happen.
And it DOES happen.

But it IS possible to be an amazing film maker & story-teller and make huge impact while not being the OVERNIGHT SUCCESS or HUGE HIT.

Most professionals who have worked in “the biz” for decades are not living off of the money they earned from getting paid giant money for 1, 2 or 3 gigs. Instead they live off money they have earned by working many different projects consecutively and consistently. [Oh… sometimes we get paid LOTS of money… and it is possible to make A LOT of money for all the projects you work on] Stringing together an entire career of impact and amazing work is possible even if you never become a HUGE HIT.

In short:

Becoming a HUGE HIT is possible. And will be realized by some.
Becoming an OVERNIGHT SUCCESS 15 years into a lifetime career can happen.

But the best recipe is:

Work hard.
Compound TALENT with SKILL.
Be a great STORY TELLER.
Stay working!!
Consistent work = Ongoing opportunities.

Those items added together = a long successful career as a story teller.

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