Research….it will follow you 
Research….it will follow you

Remember the countless hours of research… sometimes for so many things at once, or something so vague you didn’t know where to start, or focus, or end….or is there an end to research for such a topic?

The job I am at requires a lot of that and I was reminded of my CCM days as I was researching.  When my boss was inquiring of my casting skills (I previously worked for a casting company in the DC area) to see if I was qualified for my current job, he asked how I would find ‘freakish acts in NY’. The answer came natural. First I would contact anyone I knew in the area to see if they knew any freakish acts, or knew anyone who did : networking. Then I would youtube freakish acts in NY. When I found someone I would google their name to find any other info on them or contact information. If not I would send a message to them or the person who posted the video to try and get a hold of them.  blah blah blah….. you get the idea. And it wasn’t until yesterday that I realized it was not my casting exerience that made that answer so natural to me, it was all my research experience in CCM.  I also remembered when it did not come so natural and I had no idea where to start.  But I realized that I often learned so much  with out even realizing it.. just doing random things everyday in CCM ….tedious things sometimes, ….. and fun things; things that made me want to scream, and even things that I thought were impossible. And even though I don’t remember learning all of that.. it seems to come back to me when I am faced with it again. And with that said I wouldlike to encourage you not to worry…even if it feels like you are sometimes not learning anything – and I’d place bets that you might think that at least once – know that if you are applying yourself you are learning. And it will follow you. The End.

Nicole (Annable  ’06)

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  1. admin Says:


    Thanks for posting this up.

    It’s good to know your time spent at CCM is still paying off!

    We miss you and are proud of you!!


  2. Simon Says:

    Colson strikes again!


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