In Production…. 
In Production….

The last few days have been incredibly busy and exciting. Our team has been scripting and shooting 9 different pieces at one time! I’m so proud of the people I work with. Some have become seasoned veterans (at the ripe age of 20!!!). And some are digging in exploring territory where they have never gone before. Over the weekend we had a crew of 20+ and a cast of nearly 100 at a shoot for a new “epic” set of ATF promo videos. We’re really excited about what amounts to a series of “short films.” They’re loaded with special effects (3D & Pyrotechnic). We’re shooting with the Steadi-Cam and our 24’Jib. Our actors are getting the chance to step-it up in some leading roles. All that while script revisions continue to swirl… [talk about a real world experience!!]

And… let’s not forget that we’ve been working on another pair of videos involving SKYDIVING!!! Wow! In one day our team went up for 4 jumps… shooting aerial formations… special effects backplates involving the skydivers… and multiple landings. We worked with a team of skydiving specialists outside of Dallas who were seasoned film/television people. Their wisdom and confidence rubbed off on our entire CCM Team who both had a tremendous professional experience and grew all at the same time. [Our folks can now put on their resumes & reels that they’ve worked on an aerial shoot and staged skydiving scenes!!]

On top of all of that Drew Thomas (my DP favorite from L.A.) has been here pouring into our shooters and being an active part of this whole process. Man… we’ve spent a lot of years doing a lot of projects together! Good times…. Better friend!

Long Days.
Short Nights.
HUGE opportunities for CCMers to step into positions that they have been pursuing or dreaming about.

It doesn’t get much better than this!!

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  1. Season Says:

    Those kinds of times make my little heart skip a beat… it’s just crazy-awesome the stuff CCM gets to do sometimes.

  2. Greg Williams Says:

    You have got to be kidding me… Skydiving! That’s pretty much the awesomest thing I’ve ever herd in the history of awesome things we did at CCM. I congratulate you good sirs and madame’s on being awesome.

    What’s next, a video where you film as wingman on a F-22 dogfight??? Hey I could actually see you guys do something like that.

  3. Naoyuki Says:

    YoonBotApril 25, 2012What? None of the choices are to live, it is all to die. Either way you are going to die. You could say you could live tgourhh anyone of these scenarios given certain conditions. BUT, if the real question was inevitable death. I’d choose falling. Think about it, it’ll be so quick and fast you wouldn’t feel it but for a split second. Burning you will not die that fast. Drowning your going to naturally fight for air and die until you drown to death. Eaten alive is probably the worst unless it’s a boa constrictor and strangles you first, or a wolf rips out ur neck and gives u a quick death, eaten alive is the worst. Falling however, 1. I would get to overcome my challenge of heights, and 2. I get to sky dive which I’d never do cuz I’m chicken shit, and 3. it’s like a roller coaster, scary at first, but once ur actually doing it, like skydiving, it’s probably a great experience mainly because of the adrenaline, so you’d have fun if you had the right mind-set and accepted your fate. Now I’m talking from a plane to the ground. If your talking like 4 stories up, and you will die slowly from bleeding out, then I would reconsider my choice. This is a horrible topic to discuss, it’s basically asking how you would prefer to die. What if I had suicidal tendencies and this post helped me choose and I went off and did it? That would suck for you lol. See you this weekend buddy! Tell San I’m comin and we gotta kickit!


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