YOU’RE HIRED!! — Sarah Clement 
YOU’RE HIRED!! — Sarah Clement

Way to go!!

Another CCM graduate is making it!

I got this note from Sarah Clement (Aug 2007 Class) today.
I am so proud of you!!!

Hey Doug,
Just wanted to let you know I got a job. It’s a huge opportunity, there’s really no “earthly” reason I should have gotten it. I’m blown away.

Basically, I’ll be freelance editor filling in for other editors who are on vacation. But they said it’ll end up being mostly 5 days a week, cause there’s almost always someone gone on vacation. After the summer is over, they’ll just keep me on.

and what will I be editing? It’s at CTVGlobeMedia (which controls pretty much all tv in Canada now), and so depending on who is on vacation each week,
I’ll be doing editing for eTalk (same as Entertainment Television, but in Canada), MTV Canada, and e2 (an MTV breakoff/affiliate), and possibly So You Think You Can Dance Canada…. :)

I won’t be like an edit assist or anything, I’ll be actually editing episodes that will air nationally. Some stuff, like some eTalk’s AM News, is a 4 hour turnaround, from the time it’s assigned, to the time its on air, so it’ll be WAY crazy at first, but the other editors said the producers will be good with assigning me stuff that isn’t same-day turnaround, until I get used to their server and style of media management, and stuff. But this position is so competitive, that I’m really gonna have to fight to make sure I’m on top of my game, and really putting out excellent results, otherwise they’ll drop me, and let one of the other dozens of people dying for this job take my place.

Anyways, just thought I’d let you know :)
I’ll keep you updated for sure, and I’ll send you a link to a segment once I do one, cause most of eTalk’s episodes are online.


CCM makes you ready!!

Thank you God for your shaping, artistic nature, and vision!

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  1. Season Says:

    I think it’s important to note here that Sarah hadn’t been getting replies from hardly ANY of the jobs she was applying to… and then this came along and it was BETTER than the other jobs.

    So sometimes it just takes a while to get a good opportunity, but you just have to be ready at every moment… you really never know what will come your way.

    Be ready “in season and out of season”… or, be ready even when you are getting depressed because you think you’ll never get a job!

    I’m mega happy for you, Sarah.

  2. Doug Rittenhouse Says:

    Great points Season!! The moral of the story: Hang in there!

  3. Mike Priebe Says:

    Congradulations, Sarah! That is awesome!

    (And, I like Season’s point as well.)

  4. David Says:

    dangit… nice! being a Canadian, I know how big CTVGlobeMedia is up here… that’s HUGE!! good for Sarah!!!!! :o)


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