Hollywood is my HOME 
Hollywood is my HOME

I was born and raised in L.A.

It’s still HOME.

My old neighborhoods matter to me.
My friends there are part of my life.
My home church of 10 years is there.
I know the streets.
I know the vibe.

I like El Matador St. Beach.
I like Big Bear.
I like El Tepeyac. (Best Burritos anywhere!!)
I like the Hollywood Bowl.

Still there are some who say Hollywood is EVIL.
And there are those who would sooner send their children off to be missionaries to the Sudan than they would to Hollywood.

Seriously… think about it.
We pray to God to protect those we send to a war torn or church persecuting or Christian maming/killing nation… and admire them for risking their lives. We lift them up for carrying the word of God to the lost… even though they could end up martyred. (AS WE SHOULD!)

But I ask…. WHY are so many people afraid of going or sending their children to Hollywood??? Is it really such a dangerous place that should be avoided at all cost??? WHY do we willingly accept that Christians can be martyred (like Jim Elliott) yet so many people don’t want “believers” to be part of city or mechanism that released “End of the Spear?”

There might be some need for serious reassessment here.

I heard the late Walter Martin once say (and he may have been quoting someone else):

“When they invented the PRINTING PRESS… they said praise God… now everyone can have a Bible in their own home.

When they invented the MEGAPHONE… they said hallelujah… now they can hear at the back of the tent.

When they invented the RADIO…. they said glory to God… now millions can hear the word at one time.

When they invented the TV… they said leave it alone… that’s satan’s box.”

Well…. who have we left it to?

L.A. (Hollywood) is not a place to fear.
L.A. is my HOME.

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  1. Season Says:

    said like a true LA native :)

    I think when Christians hear “I want to go to Hollywood,” they really hear “I want money, fame, glory, recognition… mmm-mmm, greed!” Hollywood couldn’t be a place for “mission-minded” Christians.

    But little do these people know just how much work goes in to it all! And what REALLY would blow them away is how humble people are in Hollywood. HUMBLE. It’s true.
    All the successful people I have met in LA (maybe only a couple exceptions0 were willing to offer their time (which is money) and advice and were always patient with the most annoying things we could have done. That doesn’t happen in other places… in fact, that doesn’t happen much in the CHURCH.

    Seriously, Christians. Be honest.

    I am going to have to work on my humility before I’ll make it anywhere in Hollywood.

  2. Robert Says:

    For Real Doug. You have quite an eloquent way of putting things.

    Praise God for Hollywood, both the place and the industry it represents. So many great people have come out of LA – and so many others have been taught by them. So many great products have come out of LA. (I.E. end of the spear)

    Indeed who would have known about “Invisible Children” without the media represented by LA. Let’s get MORE people in Hollywood who have Character, vision, and Humility (as Season Mentioned). Let’s team with the amazing people that are there already!


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