The Horizon… 
The Horizon…

So what comes next?
What you can’t see…

For the most part… that is where the excitement is.
Discovering what God has in mind for you.
What HIS plan is.
What your CALLING is.

The life of the entertainment an industry professional is one of constantly looking for the next gig. The release and freedom of a Christian in “the biz” is that God is in control!!! So… no need to worry

The yearning and dreams are placed on YOUR heart by God.
HE gets to choose the path you will take to get there.

The PATH will take up a lot of real estate on this blog.

To accompany my ramblings, I am asking several other folks to contribute stories from the road they are traveling.

I want to thank Season and Nathan for their first posts.

Season is a CCM graduate.
She knows what it’s like to be out there “looking” and working as a free-lancer.
She is smart. She is talented.
And I value her views here.

Like other CCM graduates who will post here… Season offers the real world insight that only beating the pavement can offer.

Nathan is still in CCM… but , he’s about to graduate.
He is one of the most talented young men I have had a chance to work with.
He is thoughtful and Biblically knowledgeable.
He follows his heart (as a storyteller) and God.

Thanks to both of them for their posts.

Check here often for new thoughts and wisdom from those who are pursuing the dream.

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